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Tue 04 Dec 2012 | Views: 9567 | Comments: 9
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Biffy performed a live session and chatted with fans from around the world in a special LiveStream Session.

The band performed 5 tracks acoustically including an exclusive first play of new b-side 'The Rain' and three tracks from forthcoming double album Opposites.

The tracks were:

Stingin' Belle
Black Chandelier
The Rain
Many Of Horror

If you missed it, you can watch the whole session now below.

Comments (9)

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  1. 09.Dec.2012 @ 11:52 - katts wrote:

    Really impressed guys! The new songs are fantastic. I'm already hooked on Black Chandelier and waiting with anticipation for your upcoming Album and tour. Simon, I'm with your wife on the moustache, you look so much better with your stubble.

  2. 06.Dec.2012 @ 17:15 - mcaatuck wrote:

    Auld Lang Syne. Scottish, classic, respectable. You would do it brilliantly.

  3. 06.Dec.2012 @ 11:21 - NIXTER wrote:

    THANKFULLY, was able to catch up with it yesterday lunch time! Excellent, loved it can't wait til April - just can't seem to get enough of you boys ;-) xxx

  4. 05.Dec.2012 @ 22:36 - agita wrote:

    expected & light moment in time -- spent in an enjoyable atmosphere of simplicity & loveliness -- permeated with honourable friendship & talent

  5. 05.Dec.2012 @ 21:47 - jade298 wrote:

    This was lovely! cheered me up majorly whilst in bed ill all day... Very excited for 3rd April :) x

  6. 05.Dec.2012 @ 19:57 - hanelske wrote:

    Also, please cover 'Driving home for Christmas' it's my favourite Christmas song! My birthday is 23rd December; that could be your present to me!! :D

  7. 05.Dec.2012 @ 19:22 - hanelske wrote:

    I love that all the people in the office behind are just getting on with their work instead of gawping through the window like I would have been! Mon the Biff! Gorgeous video!!

  8. 04.Dec.2012 @ 20:15 - tomandmicki69 wrote:

    Thank you so so much guys. That was awesome. The best night I have had since I saw you at Swindon. Please please can you release this on DVD??? Could watch it over and over again!!! Absolutely adored the accoustic version of Black Chandelier and Opposite and also loved the Bside. You re just the best. Im so happy this has made my Christmas. Love you loadsxxxxxxxx

  9. 04.Dec.2012 @ 20:00 - Anja wrote:

    That was awesome!!! Thank you! You don´t like Volkswagen? :-( Kisses from the Volkswagen-Land

9 found
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