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Wed 23 Nov 2016 | Views: 37476 | Comments: 7
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To celebrate Bify Clyro’s 2016 UK & Ireland arena tour we are giving fans and budding photographers the chance to shoot the band from the photo pit and have their photos featured on the bands website and socials.

One photographer will be chosen for each show and will receive a pair of tickets to the gig as well as a photo pass that will allow access to the photographer pit in front of the stage.

To be in with a chance of photographing the band simply email info@biffyclyro.com with your name, phone number and a link to any examples of photos you have, with your closest city on the tour as the SUBJECT title. We will then contact the winners 48 hours ahead of the show.

[Photo Credit: Markus Hauschild]

Comments (7)

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  1. 25.Nov.2016 @ 16:02 - suzyfoo wrote:

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity.I remember you did this in 2010,the first time I saw you and desperately wanted a chance.I didn't get chosen,however ,now I have work to submit and have! So I am crossing my fingers!

  2. 25.Nov.2016 @ 15:59 - giglens wrote:

    What a great opportunity for somebody - me I hope! - why is it that some bands and some veues are against letting people see good images of gigs? Press photographers are a dying breed as digital media expands and good quality photographs can help newspapers sell and bands get coverage. Good luck to all who apply! But I want to go to Leeds, please! Thanks, guys.

  3. 25.Nov.2016 @ 15:57 - Jamesed68 wrote:

    This is a great opportunity as i have been used to taking photo from my phone and cant really get the chance to using my camera unless it is at a festival. I have entered and have fingers crossed i get the chance at Glasgow. Thanks again


  4. 25.Nov.2016 @ 15:04 - calumbuchanphoto wrote:

    This would be amazing opportunity to have to my name, thanks for offering this as it amazing! I'm huge biffy fan and i had the chance to photograph yours at Glasgow Summer Sessions this year! would be awesome to do yours next at Hydro next week in Glasgow. Sent in my info

    Much appreciated for the chance!


  5. 25.Nov.2016 @ 14:36 - pinters wrote:

    Wow, just starting out as a photographer and this would be terrific for my portfolio. Regardless of who wins, this really is a cracking opportunity, so good luck, guys.

  6. 24.Nov.2016 @ 19:24 - CGCPhotography wrote:

    Hello, I would like to know the email that I need to send my application off. I have had a look around and can't find an email. Much appreciated - Callum

  7. 24.Nov.2016 @ 03:00 - Melissa26sand wrote:

    This is a great idea! Not many bands are open to help us to get the shot in this industry, Thank you so much for giving us the chance to photograph you guys! I've already sent my info , I really hope I get to be the lucky one and good luck to the rest the photographers that applied :) x

7 found
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