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Fri 23 Apr 2010 | Views: 12892 | Comments: 27
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Ahead of the UK tour that kicks off in 5 days time in Perth, we can announce today two huge Scottish shows that Biffy will play in November 2010.

The band will return to the scene of 2008's triumphant show at the SECC to play Glasgow on Friday 26th November, as well as a second show at the AECC in Aberdeen on Thursday 25th November.

Simon Neil: "We can't wait for our Scottish shows and what we anticipate will be two of the best nights of our lives.

"Coming home to Scotland and our loyal fans is always a highlight of any tour and, as always, we promise to try and put on an incredible show."

Tickets for these shows will go on sale next Friday 30th April, with pre-sale details to be announced to TEAM BIFFY members early next week.

To make sure you get up-to-date information about forthcoming pre-sales, as well as further announcements, sign up to TEAM BIFFY for free by clicking here.

Comments (27)

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  1. 31.May.2010 @ 22:44 - Kermit2601 wrote:

    I'm stoked I'm going to the AECC gig. Trying to get tickets to the Muse gig at Wembley too. The Biff and Muse on the same bill?! I'd die a happy man!

  2. 06.May.2010 @ 16:28 - _erinaa wrote:

    Tickets are selling out in Glasgow so fast! Glad I got mine! Cant wait!

  3. 29.Apr.2010 @ 22:19 - semmilovesbiffy. wrote:

    come to dundeeee!

  4. 26.Apr.2010 @ 17:25 - Smit1993 wrote:

    How long do you think it will take for tickets to sell out?

  5. 25.Apr.2010 @ 22:34 - wilbish wrote:

    Please please please please please please please please please play Justboy and All The Way Down Prologue Chapter 1 at Aberdeen!!!!!!!!

  6. 25.Apr.2010 @ 18:54 - MMW_x wrote:


  7. 25.Apr.2010 @ 17:13 - wilbish wrote:

    Thank you so much for coming to Aberdeen! I love you guys so much! How do I get an backstage pass ticket?! I want one!

  8. 25.Apr.2010 @ 12:22 - ChrissyP wrote:

    Aw man SECC cannae wait :D What time are tickets on sale?

  9. 24.Apr.2010 @ 23:22 - sexybeast wrote:

    still waitin for me blackpool tickets to turn up ! anyone else in the same boat?

  10. 24.Apr.2010 @ 20:03 - Gelstoid wrote:

    Eh, I want to go to the ggow one but cannot find the tickets.. I know they go on sale Friday but I can't find them on any ticket websites. So confused!

  11. 24.Apr.2010 @ 12:59 - andy5910 wrote:

    Going to go see them both, best week ever!

  12. 24.Apr.2010 @ 11:56 - Kriss--x wrote:

    ARGGGGGH!!!!!!! I'm so excited that you're coming to Aberdeen exactly a week before my 18th birthday :D I saw you in Glasgow in 2008 and Dunfermline in 2009, I love you guys so so much :DD yaaay xx

  13. 24.Apr.2010 @ 11:02 - Jossy99 wrote:

    AECC :D

  14. 24.Apr.2010 @ 09:28 - stephc wrote:

    Great News about the SECC gig. Cannot wait to see the boys live again!

  15. 24.Apr.2010 @ 09:16 - DaveMon wrote:

    Four of us travelling up from Manchester for this one, looking forward to Sheffield & Blackpool next week. Mon the Biff

27 found
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