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Thu 24 Jan 2013 | Views: 6557 | Comments: 2
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Last week Biffy played a special in-studio acoustic performance in London that was streamed worldwide. If you missed it or would like to watch it again head to Biffy’s You Tube channel or click on the player below.

The stream features recent single Black Chandelier, new tracks Opposite and Stingin’ Belle – all of which feature on the new album Opposites – as well as new b-side The Rain which features on the Black Chandelier EP

Comments (2)

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  1. 25.Jan.2013 @ 11:14 - NIXTER wrote:

    Well that put me in the right frame of mind - watched it before I started work ;)
    Just can't seem to get enough of you boys!!!!!

  2. 24.Jan.2013 @ 20:40 - tomandmicki69 wrote:

    Thank you so much for putting this on here. I was so sad that I had missed it and I have just really enjoyed watching this. Please can you also put any other recent stuff on here ? That would be so awesome!!!

2 found
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