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Fri 15 Aug 2014 | Views: 34200 | Comments: 31
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Tickets for all three nights of Biffy Clyro at Glasgow Barrowland have now sold out.

While many of you will be delighted to have bought tickets to see the band in December, we are also acutely aware that many of you will be very disappointed not to have been able to purchase tickets for the shows.

Due to unique fan-centric nature of these shows, we have done everything in our power, whilst planning these events, to try and manage this in an appropriate way, and to not treat these like our other shows. In some cases, this may have seemed slightly awkward, but we truly believe that this all contributed to ensuring the event was available to our fans, both first and foremost.

We have introduced names on tickets, limited the amount you can buy, checks on the door and offered TEAM BIFFY members* a larger percentage of pre-sale tickets compared to the general sale. All of this was in the hope that as well as prioritising our fans, we have reduced the chance that any of these tickets would make their way into the hands of touts. We teased the shows on the days prior, dropping small, timed hints that we thought might engage only the fans, without alerting the touts.

The Barrowland holds a special place in the bands heart and fits perfectly with the unique nature of the shows, sadly however it can’t hold everyone who we know would like to go to these shows.

We hope those that are disappointed today, understand and realize that we have done and will continue to do everything within our power to make sure there’s not a single tout outside any of the three nights, and that you can take some consolation knowing that hopefully every single ticket for this event, was purchased by a fellow fan of the band, in a fair manner.

If you see any tickets being sold via third party sites, please email us the link at info@biffyclyro.com and we will take care of it. We appreciate your help on this.


* - Please note the pre-sale was open to TEAM BIFFY members and on this occasion not the mailing list.

Comments (31)

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31 found

  1. 10.Sep.2014 @ 09:36 - findlay17 wrote:

    Ecstatic to be going (:

  2. 20.Aug.2014 @ 20:33 - elenallf wrote:

    Sold out? There are still tickets at ticketmaster for the show on Dec 7th (with the team biffy code)

  3. 15.Aug.2014 @ 19:45 - mosha67 wrote:

    I was one of the unlucky ones who did not receive the email and also missed out on tickets this morning.

    I'm concerned to note above that the presale was open to Team Biffy members, not the mailing list - can I ask again, please, how do I go about getting my Team Biffy email address changed? The email address I log in with is being closed off next week due to changing broadband providers and, assuming you get the email problem sorted, that means l'll miss out on future communications! A response would be appreciated, thanks :)

  4. 15.Aug.2014 @ 18:59 - asliak wrote:


    As a young 15 year old I attended an InMe concert at the BIC in Bournemouth. Little did I know that the covering band would turn out to be the greatest bands of all time. Since then it's been Portsmouth, Southampton, Hurricane, back to Portsmouth, Rock im Pott (or Rock on Pott as you beautifully joked) and Offenbach in 2013. I can't hide the dissapointment of not watching you play song after song of sending fan after fan into nostalgic bliss, but you'll forever be the band of my heart.

  5. 15.Aug.2014 @ 13:41 - monthebiff3 wrote:

    Please stop saying 'real fans' and 'not real fans'. All biffy fans are equal and, most of them, real fans! And also, not all teenagers only like many of horror..

    If you are a fan since 2002 you are really fucking awesome, i must admit. But you don't deserve it MORE than other people lol. I didn't got a ticket myself but i am only 16 and don't live near glasgow ;)
    Who managed to get a ticket, have fun in December!

    Mon the biff

  6. 15.Aug.2014 @ 12:49 - georgeberry wrote:

    I was lucky enough to get tickets for all three shows. I've been waiting a while for this, and when a friend said "maybe they'll do an Infinity Land 10 year anniversary tour", this happens. To all of those who didn't get a code (I've been a member for a few years and had to re sign up again just a couple months back, lucky I noticed), or couldn't buy the tickets, heart goes out to y'all.

    On a side note, travelling up from Essex. Anybody know good places to stay?

  7. 15.Aug.2014 @ 12:25 - LeMi57 wrote:

    Biffy have done an amazing things for their fans... Thats what makes them stand so high above the rest (aside from being Biffy Fuckin Clyro!!)
    But today has been such a disappointment for 90% of us loyal fans. As far as i can see, we were all in the same boat, poised and ready before 9am and battering away on the keyboard the millisecond it turned 9am (i had my mum and husband doing the same for me too), but somehow hardly any of us got tickets.
    it was just complete and utter shite.
    Hardly any of us, aside from the lucky few, stood a chance.

    Within minutes Viagogo were selling for £100+.

    Ticket master - who apparently own Viagogo??? - is a joke. Same thing happened with the Libertines Barrowlads gig.

    Its getting near impossible for the real fans and music lovers to go to gigs without being ripped off by touts.

    Bring back the days of queuing up outside the record shop in the freezing cold for tickets.

    Please BIFF, don't make these gigs the last of their kind. Would love to be a part of something like this in the future.
    I saw you guys in a grotty wee pub in Aberdeen in 2001 where my friends band supported you guys. Ive followed you ever since and will follow you to the end.

    Much Love
    a sad Biffy fan :(

  8. 15.Aug.2014 @ 12:18 - growl wrote:

    I was lucky enough to get 2 for Saturday but failed to get Friday (Sunday I cannot make anyway). If anyone got 2 for Friday and would be willing to swap 1 for a Saturday please let me know.

  9. 15.Aug.2014 @ 11:21 - janemarshall wrote:

    disappointed - no email for pre-sale in spite of being member of team biffy and no tickets from ticketmaster even though my daughter and I were sitting refreshing form before 9am. Must have sold out in seconds. Daughter gone back to bed miserable.

  10. 15.Aug.2014 @ 11:17 - rulleborg wrote:

    I won't be able to come to Scotland, but thank you so much for doing everything you can! I wish every band would do that.

    That being said, it does indeed seem a bit unfair that some people got tickets for two or three nights and some didn't get anything. Maybe next time limiting the number of tickets to two in general, instead of two per show?


  11. 15.Aug.2014 @ 10:30 - jabokai wrote:

    It's a damn shame so many of us never got the email. I saw all the tweets and just didn't put it all together - their puzzle oufoxed me! Got tickets for Friday but to be honest it's bittersweet without the full picture and I may see if I can put them back into the system (if Team Biffy come up with this as an option to help with the many who are unhappy about what happened.)

  12. 15.Aug.2014 @ 10:24 - AdenBarwick wrote:

    I'm a goddam grown man and I'm crying, absolutely can't accept that I'm not going to this, please for the love of god film it and actually release it, don't do another King Tut's on us. Right any who, I'm off to stab my cat

  13. 15.Aug.2014 @ 09:58 - alphiteray wrote:

    Planning to travel from Essex to Glasgow for this but I only managed to get a Friday and a Sunday ticket on Team Biffy presale and refused to play £90+ hoping something is done about ticekts sold on other websites.

  14. 15.Aug.2014 @ 09:50 - ollyrw wrote:

    Just Gutting for so many people.
    This is a fantastic gig/set of events and so many would love to come.
    Please find it in your beautiful Scottish hearts to help us out who never got e-mails or the chance for these gigs, if you can't we still fucking love you, and this sadness will ne'er leave.
    'Mon the Biff
    :'( :'(

  15. 15.Aug.2014 @ 09:50 - ayresy2007 wrote:

    I've stabbed my mother, hope youre happy

31 found