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Release Date: 28 Jan 2013
Label: 14th Floor Records
Producer: Garth Richardson & Biffy Clyro
Artwork: Storm Studios


The Sand At The Core Of Our Bones
01. Different People
02. Black Chandelier
03. Sounds Like Balloons
04. Opposite
05. The Joke's On Us
06. Biblical
07. A Girl And His Cat
08. The Fog
09. Little Hospitals
10. The Thaw
The Land At The End Of Our Toes
01. Stingin' Belle
02. Modern Magic Formula
03. Spanish Radio
04. Victory Over The Sun
05. Pocket
06. Trumpet Or Tap
07. Skylight
08. Accident Without Emergency
09. Woo Woo
10. Picture A Knife Fight
01. Making of the Album


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  1. 22.Mar.2016 @ 22:03 - Tunsh wrote:

    Great album. MON THE BIFF !!!!!

  2. 01.Aug.2013 @ 13:28 - SophieMonTheBiff wrote:

    Spanish Radio, wonderful song. I got a heart, and I got a thousand reasons to love Biffy Clyro.

  3. 08.Apr.2013 @ 13:44 - RuBrown55 wrote:

    I have no idea how you guys can pick a favourite song from this list! Every time I listen to ANY song from the album, it becomes my favourite song, until the next song starts and then that song becomes my favourite. It's brilliant and I can't stop listening!! The making of the album is brilliant and I agree with Ben (I think) when he's talking about Simon and says, "He's always been a prolific song-writer but he's reached a crazy peak". Thank you so much, Biffy.

  4. 17.Mar.2013 @ 13:27 - toooldforthis wrote:

    I'm suit most of my time these days and I'm too old for this but I just can't put Opposites down or out of my head and I don't want to. 'The making of ..' video makes sense and is full of echoes - there's nothing new under the sun, you just have to open your eyes. Pure brilliance; your dedication shines through. Thank you.

  5. 02.Feb.2013 @ 01:40 - ajcurran wrote:

    i love the album and personally I think 'Differnt people' is fanbloodytastic.. I am in awe of your wee band. pure bloody magic and cant wait tae see you at the o2 on 3rd april...Are we there yet :-)

  6. 31.Jan.2013 @ 18:32 - chantellex7 wrote:


    No disrespect to you or Biffy because I love Biffy! And I still love the album despite its (in my opinion) downfalls.
    Natural progression yes for the most part but if you listen to Pocket from the beginning forgetting for a second that it is Biffy, it is cheesy pop at its finest. Since when did Biff and cheesy pop fit in the same sentence?

    This is only my humble opinion of course!

    On a more positive note: as usual the b sides are amazing!

    I love them and everything they do with the very small exception of Pocket unfortunately :(

    And its rock music of course it can be raw all of the time :)

  7. 30.Jan.2013 @ 15:23 - river wrote:

    heartbreakingly beautiful...

  8. 29.Jan.2013 @ 16:18 - biffyhq wrote:

    I love every single track on this album, It's great, Biffy did an amazing job on both of the records. in my opinion :)

  9. 29.Jan.2013 @ 14:52 - Maloric wrote:

    Love the album. This is a pretty natural and welcome progression from Only Revolutions.

    @chantellex7 - actually Pockets is my favourite track so far on the album followed closely by Different People. Both are polished, but not every track can be raw. For me I love having a song that is instantly catchy and accessible. It showcases writing talent just as much as an edgy hard rocker.

  10. 28.Jan.2013 @ 20:55 - chantellex7 wrote:

    Oh boys! I know I'm gonna get some backlash for this one but...
    I never ever thought I would ever hate a Biffy song but Pocket? Really? What a let down!
    I was really looking forward to this album, but its too polished and too pop :(
    I need more of Simon's gruff voice and some raw hard hitting change ups!
    I hope it's a grower! :(
    Some amazing songs here that will smash it live like Biblical which I love!
    I saw Modern, Magic Formula, Victory, Balloons live a while back and they are hands down the best songs!
    I hate you Warner!

  11. 28.Jan.2013 @ 20:22 - agita wrote:

    ` ` ` `````````````` grand & happy day ` ! ``````````` day of your O P P O S I T E S ` ```````` fulfilment of historical masterpiece in brilliant kingdom of your music ` ```````` diary of soul wrapped in surprisingly beautiful & astonishing world of tunes ` ``````` miraculous moment ` ````````````` timeless in the deepest meaning of an unbounded love & holy friendship ` ` ``````` let it be your Guiding Light ` `````` your Tree of Life ` ``````` bridge of rainbow ` ```````` wonderful sequel to your dreams ` ``````````````` ` ` `

  12. 28.Jan.2013 @ 19:56 - rydk wrote:

    I prefer the old tracklist, as I've kept it on itunes.

    Stingin' Belle, Balloons, Biblical is as epic an album intro as you can get.

  13. 26.Jan.2013 @ 18:21 - mutlien wrote:

    Different People is a bloody brilliant opening track - love this!! Listened through a few times today (lucky me for early delivery!!) and I have to say this is one brilliant record. So much to take in so I'll go away and repeat repeat repeat!! Well done guys - you've done us proud once again.

  14. 24.Jan.2013 @ 14:19 - checkmate wrote:

    So the tracklist has changed!

14 found
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