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  1. 06.Nov.2013 @ 22:39 - TheNumber1Fan wrote:

    What a great time it was when I saw them live on 6/4/12 but we need pics and videos of it guys ur the best MON THE BIFF the opposites tree was the highlight

  2. 15.Dec.2010 @ 01:05 - Lilabet wrote:

    I really liked the simplicity of much of your set, esp. the back projection, really simple and effective. No follow spots? Really beautiful flying circular lightbulb truss, reminded me of Cornelia Parker. You are so incredible - strong and beautiful, super tight, nice. Your songs are resonant with personal poetry that echoes within the feelings of everyone with a heart. So true. Love your stuff :-)))))))))

  3. 10.Dec.2010 @ 18:38 - iluvbiffy231 wrote:

    woo hoo biffy rules i love this band they helped me get through a tough time in my life thanks simon

  4. 07.Dec.2010 @ 17:50 - Phillippa David wrote:

    Love these pics, and loved the show, so did my daughter - we think you are amazing!

  5. 07.Dec.2010 @ 13:51 - nlaniado wrote:

    Yeah, Biffy, third time this year, although the 2 first times were great because I can remember them, but this time I was completely smashed and I have no recollection whatsoever, the only thing I remember is taking 6 toilet rolls from the Wembley toilet and Yolanda taking one as she had peed herself, and Sonia asking to fly! Can you please come to my house and do a private jam session. I promiss we will behave just a bit....

  6. 07.Dec.2010 @ 13:33 - charra londinense wrote:

    WOW!!! What a concert!! AMAZING!! I was there with my mates Sonia and Natacha and we had the time of our lives.This was the 3rd time this year we saw you guys and in my opinion by far the best show. We might be your oldest fans but also the most devoted....I still have bruises and whiplash to prove it!! MON THE BIFF!!!!

  7. 06.Dec.2010 @ 20:27 - spook6 wrote:

    Hey Guys, 3rd time that I have seem you live(UEA Norwich for the first 2) this was by far the best one! WHEN WHEN WHEN are you gonna release a live DVD? Wembley would have been the perfect show to release. note perfect as far as I heard and a great set list. the new stuff was brill as always but the tracks from Blakened Sky & Vertigo of Bliss were just awsome! Roll on the next Gig !!! Thanks

  8. 06.Dec.2010 @ 17:43 - dramallamamama wrote:

    Thought we were gonna have to miss the Wembley concert cos we had loads of snow but we've been waiting to see you for ages so we caught the train down from east midlands, me and my 2 kids, Katie and Jennie. Wow! it was so worth the train fare and hassle, what a fantastic concert I couldn't speak on Sunday for singing so loud!!! And I didn't care if I was the oldest person there, I've loved your music since 'living is a problem'. Well done guys, fab concert! xxx

  9. 06.Dec.2010 @ 17:06 - duchamp wrote:

    Large. Pure. Orgasmic. Now come to Stuttgart again. Soon.

  10. 06.Dec.2010 @ 16:54 - Chelley wrote:

    These are my favourite photo's of the tour. Absolutely brilliant back stage pics - well done! x

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