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  1. 07.Jan.2012 @ 19:49 - Biffet2012 wrote:

    I See All Their Performances On Youtube****

  2. 07.Jan.2012 @ 19:48 - Biffet2012 wrote:

    *I See All Their Live Performances As im Waiting To Go And See One:( And it Was in 'Whos Gotta Match' And I Just Love The Way They Involve The Audience!* x

  3. 13.Jun.2010 @ 21:11 - robert7 wrote:

    I remember when Simon stood there with the mic over his head, i think it was during 'Who's Got A Match', but what an amazing night it was at the Hammersmith. It was sweet how he jumped off the amp at the end aswell. Ever since i found Biffy Clyro, My view on music, and plans for my future career has changed, you guys are such idols. I started playing guitar about 2 years ago and from watching how Simon performs, it has made me re-think how i want to spend my life. I really enjoy learning your songs, they all have meaning, and i think that is what i really love about you guys. It would be great to see you again, and would be awesome to get an autograph, i've heard some people get your autographs tattooed on their skin... So next time your in london, please give me a shout, your all one in a million guys and have such a great band... (i've never quite understood what this means, but plenty of people say it so)... MON THE BIFFY!!!!

3 found
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