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  1. 28.Jan.2012 @ 12:18 - Biffet2012 wrote:

    These Guys Are The Greatest Thing Since Shakspear...<3

  2. 04.Oct.2010 @ 18:31 - ilovesimonneil27 wrote:

    OMG i can't wait until december!!! seeing you guys at wembly(-: By the way, Simon, lke the hair <3 Don't stop, keep making music, i can't get enough!! x

  3. 29.Aug.2010 @ 19:14 - geturroocksoff wrote:

    Hey Dudes ..... Was at Belsonic in Belfast last night , you guys rocked, everytime I see you you get better and better. I've been following the band for about 5years and last night was epic. Big Love!!!!!! :) KEEP GOING FOREVER xox

  4. 09.Jun.2010 @ 22:12 - joelsmibert wrote:

    hi just to let people know that the gig at the hi-fi in brisbane was brilliant.i flew out to australia and found three members of biffy clyro on the same flight.such good lads,got some photos etc,thanks boys was great to see yas.

  5. 24.May.2010 @ 21:50 - maelclean wrote:

    genial!!!!!!!!!!!! hello flom Chile of Sud-America

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