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  1. 14.Jan.2011 @ 16:28 - alli1 wrote:

    always, loved Biffy, but seeing them perform live in December, well they are one of the best live bands ever i've seen, and a bonus having the futureheads as support.

  2. 04.Dec.2010 @ 13:36 - rockgoddess wrote:

    @chrisdeeks - thank you very much! the set list looks great! i hope it will be quite similar when i go tonight! they sung most of my other favorites as well so i cant complain! also cant believe they perfprmed Folding Stars, he once said he couldnt sing it cos its baout his mum but thats all amazing. thank you again xD x

  3. 03.Dec.2010 @ 22:25 - m1chababe wrote:

    Awesome gig, the usual energy and complete focus you'd expect from the guys. Great show and mix of songs. Simon's live rendition of Folding Stars was pure emotion - perfection. First saw them at King Tuts in Glasgow years back - they were amazing them but they've just got better and better. To anyone lucky enough to be going to one of the later gigs - ur in for an amazing ride - satisfaction guaranteed :D xxxxxx

  4. 03.Dec.2010 @ 16:44 - Jo P wrote:

    Has Simon worn those same white pants for every show of the tour so far? I hope he has multiple pairs or those babies are gonna be pretty ripe! These shots are great though, big props to all the tour photographers!

  5. 03.Dec.2010 @ 14:23 - vicky511 wrote:

    Please take some photos of that sexy face of Neil's plssssssssss!!! Im gonna miss it in Wembley!! Bloody work commitments!!!

  6. 03.Dec.2010 @ 14:17 - (PauseItAndTurnItUp) wrote:

    amazing at Plymouth! first biffy gig and they didn't disappoint (they can do no wrong in my eyes anyway :L ) the only disappointing bit was that it ended! cant wait to see them again! :D

  7. 03.Dec.2010 @ 12:05 - chrisdeeks wrote:

    to rockgoddess... afraid they didnt play get fucked stud... an amazing set list though, its well worth waiting til you see them for a few surprises that they throw in there. but if you really want to know... the set list for this show is at http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/biffy-clyro/2010/plymouth-pavilions-plymouth-england-6bd2aaf6.html

  8. 03.Dec.2010 @ 11:44 - rockgoddess wrote:

    did they perform get fucked stud? its my favorite Biffy Clyro song. also if someone culd giv me a rough idea of the setlist it'd be great. im seeing them tomorrow in Wembley x

  9. 03.Dec.2010 @ 11:00 - kashmire wrote:

    Great show, loved the lighting for glitar and trauma as the encore, was a great set. just missed erridacate the doubt and my recovery injection ( those two i really wanted to hear) as well as a few other classics. Had great energy though and the future heads were a great warm up act ( sadly missed the 1st band) hope you play the venue again

  10. 03.Dec.2010 @ 10:06 - Amymarie wrote:

    Nice to see some pictures of Ben x

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