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  1. 20.May.2010 @ 14:16 - xanapaulo1975 wrote:

    I was introduced to you guys by a friend in the UK, she begged me to buy PUZZLE. She said, and I quote: "Once you have listened to Biffy you will never listen to music the same way again!" I never understood her till I got ONLY REVOLUTIONS. So you can imagine my excitement after almost 2 years, BIFFY COMING TO AUSTRALIA! Now I know you have been down under before! I LOVED YOU GUYS @ HI FI BAR IN MELBOURNE 19th May 2010. I loved the raw sound. Loved the unpredictableness, the feral screaming. PURE,SOULFUL & very entertaining! Truely I say and I quote my girlfriend: Once you have listened to Biffy you will NEVER listen to music the same way again!!! Thank you for opening my ears to new sounds! Ps: Simon, your tattoos follow some sort of sequence, or is it me reading in to them too much? I particularly find the chest tattoo touching! Keep up the good work and PLEASE RETURN TO OZ......

  2. 05.Apr.2010 @ 12:07 - caroline wrote:

    I thought that they played Questions and Answers as a warm up before the gig?!

  3. 23.Mar.2010 @ 19:12 - calumf wrote:

    sorry but i have to disagree...were they not doing this show mainly so people could hear their new stuff from Only Revolutions?

  4. 09.Dec.2009 @ 03:47 - duff73 wrote:

    Its like a pluke on your face... there's very little you can do about it when it gets bigger... and I agree wholeheartedly with you... label pressure Hmm... Japan and USA versus Australia... only one winner there

  5. 28.Oct.2009 @ 08:45 - chapman wrote:

    uh-oh! I sense label pressure! no songs before puzzle; whatever the circumstances, thats not right.

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