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  1. 03.Sep.2016 @ 21:18 - trashspillage wrote:

    27th August 2016, what a night this Mancunian and her mate had, we bloody loved it We purposely booked Glasgow cos we both love your city. I'd spent weeks listening to Ellipsis on the way to and from work and it was incredible to finally hear it live. So chuffed they sang so many of their hits from their other albums, 25 songs thanks! To top it all we shared the experience with a Scottish crowd , which was proper amazing. Being amongst fellow Biffy fans belting out tha words in their lovely Scottish accents was just wonderful.
    Thank you Biffy and to everyone else that was there you brought a smile to our faces and even got the sun to shine. Bellahouston Park, Glasgow will be tough gig to follow, but we shall do our best back home, see you on 3rd December 2016 Manchester Arena PS please make a T-Shirt with Record This... on it!

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