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  1. 07.Jan.2012 @ 15:06 - Biffet2012 wrote:

    Wow. Hundreds x

  2. 01.Dec.2010 @ 17:31 - originofgeorgia wrote:

    The girl at the front looking scared with the fingers up to her chin looks identical to me...

  3. 29.Nov.2010 @ 13:55 - Hyndee99 wrote:

    any pictures of James and Ben?! Yes Simon is pretty too look at but this was a Biffy gig. Not a Simon gig! Would have been good to see the others performing, esp as I didnt make the gig! Great pics all the same.

  4. 29.Nov.2010 @ 10:37 - ln wrote:

    Saw Biffy Clyro on German TV 2 months ago and was fascinated of their power in stage and the mixture of their rock songs and fine ballads. So next was to see Biffy at home in Glasgow. I ve seen a lot of rock bands, but Biffy at the SECC really rules - with the old and the new songs and with this great great Glasgow audience. Biffy keep on rocking and please come to Germany very soon, so I can show you to all my friends. My friendly advice: Batschkapp in Frankfurt, Germany. Cheers Lars.

  5. 28.Nov.2010 @ 23:47 - s8hmh wrote:

    Ahhh - so sick listenin to critics from old fans bout the "too much Revolutions album", and new fans bout the "songs they didnt know" - was at both gigs at the SECC, and Biffy - you ROCK!!!! Loved the setlist, and Glasgow ROCKED at the weekend. Best gigs of my life.....(comin from an old(er) fan) - Love you guys xxx

  6. 28.Nov.2010 @ 18:29 - Biffy97 wrote:

    Thank you. Words fail me.

  7. 28.Nov.2010 @ 16:59 - joeshead wrote:

    Sorry I have to report this, but last night was the 3rd best Biffy gig I have attended, and I have attended three in the last three years. This, I think, was largely down to being surrounded by teenagers who only became animated by the mainstream sound of Only Revolutions. When the classics like 'No Such Thing ..... ' were played, my enjoyment was marred by the constant fumbling for mobiles as these people Facebooked the rest of the world, presumably to let them know they had heard Bubbles. Having said that, the Biff still rock.

  8. 28.Nov.2010 @ 15:58 - Tessajones_ wrote:

    Yass, there i am ;D

  9. 28.Nov.2010 @ 15:53 - ionayoung<3 wrote:

    really good photos, and it was a really good night <3

9 found
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