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  1. 07.Jan.2012 @ 19:49 - Biffet2012 wrote:

    RAWWR! <3

  2. 28.Nov.2010 @ 18:35 - KirrstyyyxD wrote:

    It was amazing :D Didn't think i could love Yous any more than i did ^^

  3. 28.Nov.2010 @ 09:56 - jillianrobert wrote:

    Amazing setlist guys,loved the visuals too! wish i had milton keynes tickets now :-( good luck with the rest of the tour

  4. 28.Nov.2010 @ 09:20 - smurff wrote:

    Pictures are of good quality but for me a bit ordinary. This competition I would have expected something more. An interesting pespective, macro shots to something or someone and so on. If I were among the eight survuvors, you´d better have made efforts on behalf of the.

  5. 27.Nov.2010 @ 22:13 - stuartobrien92 wrote:

    where's my picture from before the gig started ! was up on my mates shoulders ! anyway best gig ever MON THE BIFFF !!!!!

  6. 27.Nov.2010 @ 22:04 - nicolenicole_ wrote:

    best gig, ever. setlist was amazing and biffy were just so so so good! i was right at the front and it was just wow.

  7. 27.Nov.2010 @ 18:49 - kasman123 wrote:

    Best gig I've been to in ages! Loved ever second from the start of "The Captain" to the last chords of "Mountains". Just wish I had tickets for tonights show to!

  8. 27.Nov.2010 @ 18:25 - Anjo13 wrote:

    MON THE BIFFY! awesomness at its very best.

  9. 27.Nov.2010 @ 15:58 - chony76 wrote:

    What an amazing night! Nothing else to say but that x

9 found
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