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@Re_Sousa 2 hours ago

Biffy Clyro - MTV Unplugged (Live at Roundhouse, London) (2018) #music #nowplaying #biffyclyrohttps://t.co/8VXHybxyG9

@tomshowhost 10 hours ago

Looking for 2 tickets to see @BiffyClyro in London on Mon 24th Sep - lemme know if you've got anything! @Twicketshttps://t.co/dPJYfqIXAm

@Shittyisthenew1 11 hours ago

Babys nap time, Pepsi Max in a wine glass and #biffyclyro - aaah, heaven! ??

@Abitbetween 15 hours ago

The only thing getting me through the day yesterday was #biffyclyro at Glastonbury. On Repeat. And a million vitamin tablets.

@SevernFM 13 Aug

Now Playing: #BiffyClyro - Many Of Horror on @SevernFM #playingnow #nowplaying listen at https://t.co/e4CzYmv9LL

@RockPopWelle 13 Aug

Last Airplays: #Rihanna - Russian Roulette #RuntervomGas - Spot 1 #BruceSpringsteen - Human Touch #BiffyClyro - Opposite #LeonardCohen - A T

@sunblue78 12 Aug

Blauer Himmel, #BiffyClyro singt Bubbles, quasi perfekter Sonntag https://t.co/TnscY2tf5Q

@ChubbyBelshaw 12 Aug

Just sat here listening to Trance anthems and I just suddenly think "wouldn't it be good to hear @BiffyClyro instea… https://t.co/qtN9h9sLS7

@julia_1967 11 Aug

@AidenHatfield @30SECONDSTOMARS #BiffyClyro MTV unplugged Different people, mountains, Many of horror ??????

@julianwizzle 11 Aug

RT @julianwizzle : Finish the sentence: There's a girl... @edgarwright @simonpegg @nickjfrost @BiffyClyro #biffyclyro #shaunofthedead https:…

@RealWillJanssen 10 Aug

RT @Boxtones : Still can’t over the fact that @Boxtones album ‘Home’ is for sale at @VirginMENA next to some amazing artists like @BiffyClyr

@riainccc 10 Aug

Both @brckhmptn and @BiffyClyro playing on my college campus and I couldn’t get tickets to either. I am still upset… https://t.co/f7vp9hrikv