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@miadaisy_ 5 hours ago

When we collide we come together!!! ???? reyt upset that's over now ?? #monthebiff #biffyclyro https://t.co/ABuk0m4fJE

@NowOnBBCRadio1 5 hours ago

Re-arrange by Biffy Clyro https://t.co/AiQQvQhRwT #BiffyClyro #Radio1 #NowOnR1

@HelpMeVibe 5 hours ago

@mollitha Hey Mollie! Try listing them on our free app! https://t.co/RDOAEgwLSE Other #BiffyClyro fans would love this! #GoodVibes ?

@GorgeousLesley 5 hours ago

#BiffyClyro was amazing last night https://t.co/g2FHlaVZ1j

@leanneroden90 5 hours ago

@BiffyClyro have got to be one of the best bands I've seen live!!! Such an amazing show last night in… https://t.co/VF6TqDHB5k

@danfurness 6 hours ago

'mon the Biff!!#BiffyClyro #Manchester https://t.co/j0UZH0CXKP

@nicolebhand 6 hours ago

???? #biffyclyro @ Manchester Arena https://t.co/SiZ8BcyJsM

@WithTheAllens 6 hours ago

A Trip to Manchester for Biffy Clyro! #vlog #Manchester #BiffyClyro #RoadTrip https://t.co/GV0WuAlJcK

@swaino8647 6 hours ago

Take the pieces and build them skywards.... #BiffyClyro #ManchesterArena #MonTheBiff @… https://t.co/rGh9ZPtRSx

@XtinaChester 6 hours ago

On my way to Leeds. Looking forward to #BiffyClyro gig tonight. Recommendations on things to see in Leeds to kill time welcome!

@Rockhardfairies 6 hours ago

When they try to make you go into work after a Biffy concert #biffyclyro #ellipsistour @BiffyClyro https://t.co/uWbzzPkJfc

@chlcrk 6 hours ago

1 standing ticket for #BiffyClyro and #BrandNew in Birmingham on Wednesday for sale. Will accept below face (£45). Any takers?

@chesterpiggy 6 hours ago

#biffyclyro amazing stage set https://t.co/E58HV6hlAn

@woolfman88 6 hours ago

Biffy fucking Clyro! Great night and awesome show! #manchesterarena #biffyclyro https://t.co/YsCKtFusD3

@chrisrwright 7 hours ago

Sometimes all you want to do is listen to one song over and over. #BiffyClyro https://t.co/OFXpXh2s8W