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@_army666 21 Feb

@ChrisMoyles if you're not singing @BiffyClyro in a Scottish accent you're doing it all wrong! @RadioX #biffyclyro #cliffybiro

@recitetheplan 20 Feb

When does the @BiffyClyro @MTVunplugged air? Its been months since it was recorded. Anyone out there know the air https://t.co/f9f2EEBlgY

@Rachatasuf 20 Feb

Cmon! Give this guy the job.x https://t.co/U9qJVoDvRl by #BiffyClyro via @c0nvey https://t.co/2rZ3WlIcIL

@jtwarnes 20 Feb

@BadEggHitler Are you a twisted guy? #BiffyClyro

@pomcmullan 19 Feb

Biffy Clyro - Many Of Horror (Intro)#biffyclyro #manyofhorrow #intro #electricguitar https://t.co/XyxZyuQaZb

@FallOfNoman 19 Feb

'Only the heavens can say when the rain gets out.' The best B-sides in history: Biffy Clyro https://t.co/kQnywOiHJN https://t.co/Lfs8rlhSz3

@gazzotwit 18 Feb

#febvinylchallenge harma808 D18 : best band nameYeah yeah i know. Another #biffyclyro https://t.co/ow9rNgcEyD

@APelfresne76 17 Feb

Hey @BiffyClyro , I miss you ! When will you release an album and when will be the next tour ? ?? #BiffyClyro

@Jacobrill 15 Feb

You either love @biffy_clyro or you are wrong.#biffyclyro #monthebiff https://t.co/njowg4sz0j https://t.co/3hqy3ZqIU3

@jaytennant_ 15 Feb

Biffy Clyro - The Captain ????? https://t.co/QuO5t3U3cR via @youtube #BiffyClyro #MonTheBiff

@Roytheboy1988 15 Feb

Been listening to hope for angle #biffyclyro a lot at the moment .

@threeclockhours 14 Feb

Now playing #BiffyClyro - Mountains on three clock hours FM

@lmml_11 14 Feb

Listen to me when I say, "Darling you're my everything"I didn't mean to hesitate. Please stay with me!!! ?????? https://t.co/fEKpfrRzPI

@willbags1986 13 Feb

#biffyclyro live at Wembley. Fooking boss live #monthebiff https://t.co/uvty3iHyiv

@lmml_11 13 Feb

'Cause I would never break your heart.I would only Re-arrange ??????#BiffyClyro #Rearrange https://t.co/hGOQpKSVXb

@Go_Spurs8 13 Feb

Mirando por el movil acabo de encontrar esta foto y es como que mi deseo por tatuarme es mayor. Es lo poco bonito q https://t.co/CHXBAER6tj

@OwenAlecDrums 12 Feb

ICYMI: Here is my drum cover of @BiffyClyro "Mountains".What should I cover next? https://t.co/GDRrPcMM6V https://t.co/ARlqMw77Pr