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@STPreview 15 hours ago

20170326 2228 #NowOnDeejay : #BiffyClyro #Rearrange #test

@KayCornwell1 15 hours ago

One from the archives - Can't believe this was 10 years ago @BiffyClyro @MancAcademy 12.11.2007 https://t.co/QApLPKE61O

@DeeIsLost 18 hours ago

Biffy fuckin Clyro. Killed it last night. Great show, lads! Catch ya in Nashville. ??@BiffyClyro #biffyclyro https://t.co/xySifvmyGh

@Left_The_Porch 19 hours ago

LA bound, round 3 & introduce Izzy to salt water. Only 1 of us changed shirts.?? #dogsoftwitter #biffyclyro #biffyLA https://t.co/hhSm3UKT2W

@STPreview 21 hours ago

20170326 1617 #NowOnDeejay : #BiffyClyro #Rearrange #test

@PierreSwiss 26 Mar

The Thaw #BiffyClyro ??

@SFRPlayingNow 26 Mar

Now playing #BiffyClyro - #InTheNameOfTheWeeMan on Strange Fruit Radio

@Left_The_Porch 26 Mar

EU tapers seem to ignore biffy, or don't share, so my first good taste of Ellipses live (shitty YouTube video don't count). Wow. #biffyclyro

@Left_The_Porch 26 Mar

I mean, Glitter & Trauma singalongs were phenomenal. These were not crowds of casual or new fans. The boys deserve nothing less. #biffyclyro

@Left_The_Porch 26 Mar

Totally unexpected for Vegas and Phoenix, but those may have been the best 2 biffy crowds I've seen. Your move LA... #biffyclyro

@Left_The_Porch 26 Mar

After 9/15ths:James [making eye contact with K]: That was some really good singing.??? #biffyclyro #biffyPHX

@Left_The_Porch 26 Mar

My hands are trashed from banging on James' monitors so much. Hurts so good. #biffyclyro #biffyPHX

@Left_The_Porch 26 Mar

Thank you James & Ben! God & Satan substituted for Machines. Last night was playful as hell. Tonight was brutal.?????? https://t.co/LkcH5uqKG8

@Left_The_Porch 26 Mar

Setlist with tunings. That one's mine. #biffyclyro #biffyPHX https://t.co/JWVxzdSHXU

@Left_The_Porch 26 Mar

Same set as last night. No Victory.?? #biffyclyro #biffyPHX https://t.co/Y6jNtsKGtr

@Left_The_Porch 26 Mar

Simon's plastic sheathed monster of a pedal board was even missing last night. But it's here tonight! #biffyclyro https://t.co/fS4Vk0rGaK

@Left_The_Porch 26 Mar

All late gear has arrived. Woo hook! #biffyclyro https://t.co/CpprK83Um6

@Left_The_Porch 26 Mar

No barricade! James' side tonight. #biffyclyro #parenthood https://t.co/zwUpr0daz2

@essentialjunk 26 Mar

.@BiffyClyro epic show to kickoff the tour! Thanks for coming back to Vegas. #biffyclyro #monthebiff https://t.co/2XZP2qigrv