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Viva Southampton

Sat 24 Oct 2009 | Views: 8751 | Comments: 7
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Hello hello.

For the last couple of days, we have decamped from our temporary London base, to Southampton, where tonight the band will play their first show of the UK Tour. After a few initial lighting hiccups during the rehearsals, everything seems to be clicking into place.

The past few days have seen the band perform in some very strange situations. First off, in the Kentish Town Forum, for a Q Magazine-sponsored show, followed by the Regent Street Apple Store, and finally, in the control room of Battersea Power Station. More on that sometime soon, as i believe it was on the down-low. Despite someone twittering about it, and giving the whole thing away :) Nice one.

So tonight's show is sold out - if you're around these parts, and trying to work out how to get in to the show, I'm going to pop up on here with cryptic details of how you can get your south-coast hands on a pair of tickets for the show... We might hide them around town, we might put a secret name on the guestlist and then drop hints, we might even hide details of a secret tunnel entrance into the show... Who knows.

Stay tuned for the details, in a few hours...


Comments (7)

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  1. 24.Oct.2009 @ 17:19 - demondom wrote:

    Maybe this IS the cryptic clue....

  2. 24.Oct.2009 @ 17:00 - JimmyJ wrote:

    Your such a tease...

  3. 24.Oct.2009 @ 16:25 - mon_the_biffy08 wrote:

    Please post again!

  4. 24.Oct.2009 @ 16:21 - Chavmeisterdeluxe wrote:

    What time are Biff on stage tonight?

  5. 24.Oct.2009 @ 16:19 - JoeConway wrote:

    I can't take much more refreshing of this page haha, announce it!

  6. 24.Oct.2009 @ 14:57 - Laey wrote:

    Please let me know soonish so I can jump on a train pronto and get in! :) I live in Portsmouth since leaving Solent Uni in Southampton and am majorly annoyed that I didn't get a ticket in time!

  7. 24.Oct.2009 @ 14:41 - CharliCookie wrote:

    I actually love all these ridiculous ticket giveaways and secret hints of how to get in to shows. You really interract with us fans, best band ever for stuff like that (: best band ever in general really (: <3 mon the biff

7 found
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