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Southampton ticket hunt...

Sat 24 Oct 2009 | Views: 7902 | Comments: 5
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Southampton Southampton...

Does anyone enjoy The Office as much as we do? The american version of course... no offence to Gervais et al - great idea, but the transatlantic version surpasses pretty much anything else on television.

In light of this, we have decided to place Dwight's cousin on the guestlist.

The first person to arrive at the venue, and identify themselves as this person, will be given two tickets for tonights show.

Good Luck!

Comments (5)

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  1. 25.Oct.2009 @ 23:48 - PaperBirds wrote:

    Come to the U.S.! Come play NY...$30 imports are killing me!

  2. 24.Oct.2009 @ 23:14 - Shorn wrote:

    haha thats so awesome!

  3. 24.Oct.2009 @ 19:43 - lonan wrote:

    I have tickets for the belfast show. Gonna be great! Any chance of some tickets for dublin the next night so i can see two shows? *Thought id chance my arm lol* Mon the Biff!

  4. 24.Oct.2009 @ 18:09 - riotgirl81 wrote:

    Biffy rock....Just got Muse tickets just so I can see yous supportin....Now cant wait for 2nd Nov & 9th Nov x x x

  5. 24.Oct.2009 @ 17:49 - ameyb22 wrote:


5 found
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