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Out of hibernation...

Mon 11 Jan 2010 | Views: 12767 | Comments: 29
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Hello all.

Trust everyone had a festive christmas, and a relaxed new years...

Today, the suitcases were zipped up once more, and, breaking with our usual tradition of Glasgow Airport, met up at Glasgow's more ground-based, Central Station, where we jumped on the train to Birmingham. We're actually delayed by 20 minutes, so I figured I'd use the time to say hello...

After we visit a radio station in Birmingham, where the boys will perform some acoustic songs to a little audience of competition winners, we will continue down to London, to the lovely hotel in Soho, that has become our second home over the past 6 months... I probably shouldn't name it though. Just in case.

We're spending a week in London, doing various TV, Radio and Press things. Excitingly, we're going into the House of Commons on Thursday evening, where again, they'll play a little acoustic set to some competition winners, fans and (apparently) some MPs...

I'm going to refrain from making some sort of joke about us being the most popular Scottish people in Parliament on that day, after previous statements of similar 'scurrilous gossip' content have landed squarely as "news" in the odd tabloid or website. But I'm thinking it.

Its exciting, and we are going to try and get into Big Ben. The clock, incidentally, not Ben who sells our merch sometimes. I'd like to attempt to recreate the climatic scenes of Basil the Great Mouse Detective, personally.

We're also going into both Radio 2 (to visit Dermot) and Radio 4 (on Loose Ends, alongside John Hurt and Emelia Fox) - what's that sound? Its the sound of sophistication...

We will get slightly less sophisticated on Monday, when the band plug themselves back in, and play a tiny little show, somewhere in south London, for our friends at XFM... I think we've got a few tickets to give away for that one actually...

any takers?

right. we're about to arrive in Brum, so i'd best go and wake up the three slumbering musicians scattered around me...

Happy New Year!

tourmanager neil.x

Comments (29)

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  1. 29.Jan.2010 @ 22:43 - BatXDude wrote:

    Hey Guys ! I Was wondering how come you lot don't do a GIG around Wolverhampton or Birmingham ? ... Oh BTW me and my mate had a wager. I said to him "I bet you i can get some kind of reply off the band." and he said "You should ask for tickets for the bristol show. Be cheeky and ask for Backstage passes" Hmmm I should do that. But however it would be quite rude and i probs wouldn't get them even if i did ask. But it's woth a shot. Can I have tickets to you bristol gig? PLEASE ... Him and i are Skint .. You must have known the feeling in some past life.

  2. 28.Jan.2010 @ 11:26 - Doofus wrote:

    Thankfully I have 2 tickets for the Perth gig in April. I do have one small issue though ... I want to take my daughter who's a huge Biffy Fan, the trouble is she's only 8 - tickets say over 14's ... what do you suggest I do? Phone the venue or could something sneaky be arranged?

  3. 22.Jan.2010 @ 10:09 - pedro wrote:

    hey guys, i know this is totally unrelated....but thought i would ask, are there any plans to come to New Zealand this year, i was gutted when you missed Rhythm and Vines at NY, im on a personal crusade to convert all Kiwis to BC fans, thats easy..getting them into Ayr Utd is proving more difficult

  4. 16.Jan.2010 @ 22:53 - dawnie2503 wrote:

    Do you know how much I spent texting XFM to try and win tickets. Saw the guys in Brixton in November, & will be at Hammersmith in May. Would love an up close and personal with the Biff... whats an old rock chick gotta do. ( Bear in mind i'm married with kids so polite replies only please!) Add me to the list wanting to get in.

  5. 14.Jan.2010 @ 17:35 - fionamacleod91 wrote:

    Hey, I'm desperate to try and get tickets for Perth on the 29th April for my boyfriends 21st Birthday, We have already been to Glasgow SECC, Rockness and Edinburgh Corn Exchange and would really like to go to this event too but i can't seem to get tickets anywhere. Are more going on sale? xx

  6. 13.Jan.2010 @ 11:11 - bodiesinflight57 wrote:

    I'll take some free tickets Neil...if they're going. I won't shout "bodies in flight" once all evening...promise!

  7. 12.Jan.2010 @ 16:55 - Markocuts wrote:

    Actually, I am gonna take that back. I would do anything but that.....after a practice run I just ended up with a load of uncomfortable pricks (no pun intended - ba dum, tisch!)

  8. 12.Jan.2010 @ 16:52 - Markocuts wrote:

    I would love tickets and would be willing to demonstrate a unique talent in order to gain them. Jizzing through the eye of a needle.....that's all I am saying!

  9. 12.Jan.2010 @ 15:47 - buana wrote:

    Happy new year guys! Wouldn't mind being added to that list of hopefuls Neil ;) x

  10. 12.Jan.2010 @ 09:35 - gazzata wrote:

    I'm from Kilmarnock, live in South London and I'm going bald. I clearly need those tickets. Gx

  11. 12.Jan.2010 @ 09:22 - jb026 wrote:

    Happy new year to you all too! Good to hear from you. I would love those tickets... :D please!

  12. 11.Jan.2010 @ 23:28 - llc wrote:

    urm yes please. like really. please. i have even emerged from the closet of long time lurker status on here just on the in case that the daily multiple xfm entries haven't worked and tourmanager neil ( x ) might take it upon himself to please this particular young lady very much. thanks :) x

  13. 11.Jan.2010 @ 23:06 - belindadear wrote:

    If there are any tickets left I would love to have one - I saw you in November at the Brixton Academy gig - brilliant. that monday will be my birthday - what a way to celebrate!! xxxx

  14. 11.Jan.2010 @ 22:19 - jodiedubbs wrote:

    Happy new year to you guy too!!! Have just seen you in Birmingham, you were awsome!!! would love to see you again if theres tickets up for grabs for the XFM show. Have a great one :0) xxx

  15. 11.Jan.2010 @ 22:10 - captaincharlotte wrote:

    woooooooo. i was at birmingham, you guys were amazing, loved it so much :D xx

29 found
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