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no blog here...

Wed 04 Nov 2009 | Views: 9243 | Comments: 7
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Well, I wrote a really long blog entry there, talking about the tour, the shows, the guy in glasgow who told me three times I looked like i'd lost a load of weight, and the album leak...

But, for the third time in a month, the fucking "website management system" ate it right up, and in a puff of smoke, it was gone.

So, I shall contain my rage, and instead post this, to apologise for the lack of the hilarious, and well-written prose that you will now never get to read.

I'll try do one tomorrow on the day off in Leeds...

the band are soundchecking Many of Horror as I type this...


Comments (7)

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  1. 07.Nov.2009 @ 12:57 - geothehitman wrote:

    I know exactly how you feel. Work PC went on the blink 2 days ago and has set me back but who cares I setting off to Manchester from Glasgow to see you guys tonight. Taking the kids Nick (9) and Sophie (6) who will probably be the youngest there! You'll spot them on the balcony with their pink and yellow ear defenders. This will be Nick's first gig and is a keen drummer regularly doing Biffy covers. In fact once, at A Side Studios, Dee commented on his playing so if you loose Ben don't worry I have a spare! If you get this before tonight's gig ask Simon to give them a shout? Love the new album.

  2. 06.Nov.2009 @ 14:26 - notquiteacaptain wrote:

    that's a bit of gutter mate. x

  3. 05.Nov.2009 @ 18:31 - SqueeLLSS wrote:

    haha aye, clearly I have no knowledge of how to actually update a blog, but the prospect of making a back up is the important bit really. I would really love to hear the album live now, I think some of the songs would suit the stage more than the record.

  4. 05.Nov.2009 @ 18:24 - CharliCookie wrote:

    Hahahaha and I will watch Paperfriend eat his own face if you do!! Listened on MySpace, the whole album is just orgasmic really haha Gutted we're missing out on the hilarious and well-written prose!!! We want Biffy goss!

  5. 05.Nov.2009 @ 18:06 - Paperfriend wrote:

    does this mean biffy are playing Many of Horror on tour?! Please it at Manchester! I'll eat my own face if you do :)

  6. 05.Nov.2009 @ 14:36 - drublic wrote:

    good tip ^ but use a plain text editor, don't paste from word into a WYSIWYG editor. textedit or notepad should be hunky dorey. (and you'll have a backup for next time we move server and lose all the news and blogs ;p )

  7. 04.Nov.2009 @ 18:23 - SqueeLLSS wrote:

    You should maybe start typing them up in word and copy and pasting them, saves you losing them! I'd be pure raging if I were you but.

7 found
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