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Sun 29 Nov 2009 | Views: 10315 | Comments: 10
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Hello from Lisbon.
Today, it has been beautifully sunny and almost approaching warm.

The venue is directly on the sea front today. A few of our crew decided to do a little bit of fishing this morning.
Unfortunately whilst they were doing so, they missed their load-in, and were surprised to find a team of 20 portuguese local crew unloading their trailer for them!

After the show tonight, we've got a mega drive to Limoges, France... we have two drivers onboard, who will tackle it in shifts. We've been shit-out of luck on this last stretch, having found ourselves with the aforementioned Lyon-Koln-Barcelona jaunt, and now Lisbon - Limoges.

I've been asked by a few people I've met on this tour, to throw some photos up on this here blog. I will try to do just that, though i've only taken a few so far on this leg... The old workload has unfortunately put paid to much by way of pictorial documentation, though I'm hoping to correct that.

In the meantime, you'll be happy to know that we have a day off in Limoges tomorrow. We plan to do very little.

So not much to report at the moment, but here are some photos for your amusement.

They depict a rock'n'roll trashing of a dressing room in Zurich (well almost - someone threw an orange which knocked down the ceiling light), the dinner menu from somewhere in France, and some cold looking scottish guys walking along a street in Rotterdam.


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  1. 10.Jan.2010 @ 20:46 - tiptoe wrote:

    Only just got into the band, have just bought the new album, fuck knows why I have not got into the music before because it makes everything else sound poor in comparison. Top stuff, will buy previous albums, one thing I have to say to the record company, your not advertising enough, I know all my friends would love this but are not aware.

  2. 21.Dec.2009 @ 08:00 - Machine79 wrote:

    Don't rush away, rush away from your own ones. Just one more day, one more day with your own ones. For the world is so cold. Don't care nothin' for your soul You share with your own ones I know the whole world needs to experience the magic of le biff but more Scottish dates in 2010 please!! FIngers crossed for Aberdeen in the new year. All the best lads.

  3. 06.Dec.2009 @ 20:28 - bjhonstonman09 wrote:

    I am 14 years old and have just hard out about your band and love them i have bought three albums off itunes ( The captain,Puzzle,Only revolutions) all rule and i loved your bonus video as you can probably tell from my name i am into drumming and would love some help !!! I would love a e-mail back it would be the best thing ever to happen to me Ben Jhonston you are my hero !!!!!!! All feedback would be appreciated and BIFFY CLYRO fans your are the smartest in the worlds YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 01.Dec.2009 @ 14:20 - nini wrote:

    hi guys! i'm so f*cking glad to saw you guys in lisbon! awsome! i loved your show!

  5. 01.Dec.2009 @ 02:07 - korova wrote:

    Yeah, they should come back to Spain soon... specially for those of us who had tickets for the cancelled shows.

  6. 30.Nov.2009 @ 22:31 - nanita wrote:

    Great shown in Madrid!!! you speak spanish very well!!! Spain loves you Biffy Clyro...Come back soon please!!!...and sorry for my bad english :S

  7. 30.Nov.2009 @ 21:20 - apscs wrote:

    Oh my GOD!!! Great shown in lisbon... Love you guys... and comeback please. Hugs!

  8. 30.Nov.2009 @ 20:42 - C R I S T I A N A wrote:

    I started to listen to your music 2 years ago and after then I was completly addicted, now I had the opportunity to see you live at MUSE's show here in Portugal and I LOVED IT! Great show! Keep on rocking ;D

  9. 30.Nov.2009 @ 19:19 - Ana wrote:

    Hi! you were really a surprise yesterday in Lisbon! When you finished my mouth was really open! Thank you for the great musics. hope to see you soon here in Portugal...

  10. 30.Nov.2009 @ 02:03 - Jeanet wrote:

    Hello guys. You were brilliant today in Portugal. I did not know you before. Thank you for this moment.

10 found
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