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Jet-Lag, our old friend...

Mon 01 Mar 2010 | Views: 12178 | Comments: 11
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Hello hello.

just a quick note to say hello from Japan. Osaka to be precise. Shinsaibashi to be specific.
The band played a show last night to an absolutely rammed room in Osaka, with an amazing crowd. A very warm welcome back to this wonderful country.

Today (in about 10 minutes actually) we depart for the train station, and then bullet-train it across to Tokyo for tonights show....

So, I've got to run just now, as it'd be bad form for the tour manager to be late in the lobby...

I'll post something later, as we've got some funny stories to share already. And not one visit to McDonalds to report.

tour manager neil. x

Comments (11)

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  1. 24.Jun.2010 @ 13:46 - Quorn wrote:

    Hi the Biffy, tomorrow you will play in St. Gallen....I am excited to see you, you, and Paramore are the reason for me to be there ;)...I am 57 years old, a mother of 6 children, and I like your music....Do you know that in St Gallen it is not allowed to bring more than 3L of any kind of drinks with you for 4 days of music...and that 1 l of mineral water costs on the place about 5 pound...Just to let you know, that it is a very hard time for all of us... I do not wanna get drunk because, hopefully, you are playing Many of Horrors, so this is right now my favourit song....Looking forward to see, hear you, maybe you dedicate a song to all the lost people in our world, all those not seeing their step into life...Go ahead, you are fantastic Ruth Grand from Herisau

  2. 22.Jun.2010 @ 23:25 - nataliemaine wrote:

    [URL=http://img23.imageshack.us/i/66755970.png/][IMG]http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/2020/66755970.png[/IMG][/URL] Uploaded with [URL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/URL]

  3. 15.May.2010 @ 17:04 - connor.smyth wrote:

    hey im connor and im going biffy crazy!!!! iv bought all your albums and have bought tickets for your hull gig in october. how do you get back stage passes? thanks

  4. 06.May.2010 @ 08:25 - Andorraman wrote:

    Q. Please out me out of my misery .... In Many of Horror what does the phase 'I got Gilligan's eyes' refer to?

  5. 14.Apr.2010 @ 13:27 - monthebiffy2 wrote:

    this has nothing to do with this post but why is it you are only playing one gig in scotland this year? big dissapointment.

  6. 07.Mar.2010 @ 15:05 - Nick93 wrote:

    dudes please come to the v-festival at hylands park, PLEASE

  7. 06.Mar.2010 @ 01:19 - snow* wrote:

    Tokyo's show was amazing too!! I was so excited!! You're so coooool and nice guys XD How about you guys? We hope you enjoyed your stay in Japan. Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon.....in summer??:)

  8. 04.Mar.2010 @ 13:55 - jordz3112 wrote:

    wondering if you could play at my school,ive just learnt many of horror and was wondering anytime near when you play in blackpool if youd preform with me as a leaving assembly??

  9. 03.Mar.2010 @ 19:57 - badoni wrote:

    Simon, Ben and James please come to Portugal! DONT FORGET IT! MON THE BIFF!!!PS we got McDonald´s too.

  10. 02.Mar.2010 @ 22:14 - minadrums wrote:

    Come to Montreal Canada QUICK

  11. 01.Mar.2010 @ 10:43 - ayana. wrote:

    PLEASE come to nagoya next time! i was ridiculously upset last night since i didn't win those tickets for your shinsaibashi gig! wish i were in tokyo right now. it's torture to know that you guys are playing right this second in the same country! have fun at mcdonalds xxxxx

11 found
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