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halfway through is a nice place to be...

Sun 07 Feb 2010 | Views: 12514 | Comments: 14
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Greetings adventurers,

you join us in Nurnberg, where yesterday, we finally enjoyed our first day off on tour.
We began our first tour of 2010, with 8 shows in a row, which even if possessed of the kind of superhuman drive and determination that everyone has at the start of a tour, I can absolutely guarantee that 8 days in without a break, pretty much everyone is ready for a break...

And so it was, that noon yesterday, we were deposited at a rather nice hotel just outside the city (our plans for an inner-city hotel were scuppered by the world's largest international toy trade fair) and everyone scattered for a day of hard chilling.

This tour, I think its probably safe to say now, has been the best European tour that we've ever been on... The shows have pretty much all been sold out, or a handful of tickets away, and the audiences have been amazing for the band. There will be around 800 people in Nurnberg tonight, which is pretty impressive, as I don't think the band have ever played here before...

After this tour finishes in Barcelona at the end of the week, we're going home for around 10 days, before we go off to Japan and the USA, via a quick stop in London for the NME Awards. There might be another little something-something before even that, though I definitely can't talk about that quite yet... Which i suspect will frustrate you no end. But to even hint at it, would no doubt end with it wrapping someone's fish supper, and my wrists a glorious shade of slapped-crimson. So not quite yet.

As I type this, Ben, through the wonders of a very considerate girlfriend, Skype, and his fucking massive television in his living room at home, is watching the Scotland VS France rugby game live over the internet - Its an unfortunate aspect of travel, that things like BBC iPlayer don't actually work outwith the UK...

Such regional restrictions didn't stop us from getting hold of the season premiere of Season 6 of Lost...
In a slight mixup however, we didn't quite realise that it was two separate episodes one after the other, so we watched what we thought was the only episode, and felt ever so slightly deflated when it ended... It was the next morning that we realised there was a second episode to watch. Needless to say everything made a shitload more sense after the second episode.
Still not quite sure where its going to go, but at least there aren't any more questions concerning polar bears and smoke monsters.
Looks like the writers have been reading up on their David Lewis, as well.

We were in Helsinki a few days ago, for the second time. This time, the band played a sold out show to around 900 people, which was particularly great. A lovely Biffy fan left some beautiful gifts for the band, including three hand-knitted scarves made from alpaca wool, which they have all proudly been wearing since we left Finland. I was quite jealous, if i'm honest... As a huge fan of knitted scarves, I think this was one of the nicest gifts they've received.

After we left scandinavia, we returned to Germany, where we've been putting in the hours, across the last couple of albums.
We finish the German leg tomorrow in Stuttgart, and continue on to beautiful Bern, which is probably one of the loveliest places we'll have visited in a while. After that, its on to Bilbao (where we have a day off prior to the show, in a beautiful hotel right next to the Guggenheim. Incredibly civilised. We then head to Madrid, and finish up in Barcelona, before flying back home to get ready for what comes next.

We have a band from Birmingham, called Blakfish, joining us for these Euro dates. They're a band that we hadn't come across before, bar seeing the name a couple of times. Turns out that they opened for the Duke a couple of years ago. Small world. A lot of fun to watch in any case, and t-shirts in more colours than the rainbow.

Speaking of which, they're onstage in... actually, 1 minute ago, so I'm going to go and watch...

how are you all?
What do you make of Lost?

let me know...

tour manager neil x

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  1. 18.Feb.2010 @ 01:35 - Totoro09 wrote:

    Please come back to Ireland I just turned 18 this month and I've only been to one concert in my life when I was small and that was Westlife! WESTLIFE for fucks sake it's bordering on child abuse!!! Please take this plea for help into consideration or contact the ISPCC

  2. 16.Feb.2010 @ 14:12 - alanS wrote:

    Hi Neil, so good to hear the tour is going well, this is the third time I have tried to get a comment posted so fingers crossed. The girlfriend and I have just arrived back from Madrid, where we saw The Biffy at some place called Salle Penelope or something, what a fantastic gig!! By the time we arrived, we had missed the first support band but the crowd were well fired up already and the second band whipped everyone into a high state of expectation. When the boys came on there was just a sea of people having a great time and punching the air in adoration, shouting all the lyrics. I have to admit to a surge of Scottish pride with tears streaming down my face for a good part of the set. We met so many friendly people and the night finished far too soon, maybe helped by the huge measures at the bar. The tickets were a birthday present from my girl Stef and we had one of the best days and nights ever. We will definitely try to see the band again soon and also cant wait to return to Madrid. From Alan S. and Stef X X from Glasgow X X

  3. 14.Feb.2010 @ 11:25 - **bridie** wrote:

    come on neil, spill the beans, youre keeping us all waiting! i keep excitedly logging on check for updates and being sorely disappointed...and isle of wight still havent confirmed the sunday headliner or who's playing on the other stage on friday eve so i dont have to endure Jay z, im getting impatient. PS. Im another Lost hater, sorry. Bri.xx

  4. 11.Feb.2010 @ 02:14 - keith10 wrote:

    Are Biffy going to be playing in Denver again this year? I'm hoping you'll be supporting Manchester Orchestra again in a few weeks...I'm educating some of my American friends so I promise to bring a Biff following with me!

  5. 10.Feb.2010 @ 00:13 - holliewould wrote:

    My prediction is that you guys are going to play King Tuts as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations on either the 19th or the 21st of Feb! It would also fit as with every album release so far, there has always been a Tuts date. Plus who more fitting (perhaps with the exception of Oasis) would better fit such an occassion! Fingers crossed I'm right.

  6. 09.Feb.2010 @ 00:04 - Bekky wrote:

    Lost is so last year!! If you want something to pass the time during the cold lonely nights you need to watch a bit of Glee! Would be so funny to see Biffy boys doin' their take of 'Don't Stop Believin' - lets see a post on the website - if you dare!! (and don't forget the jazz hands!!)

  7. 08.Feb.2010 @ 19:24 - Sophie wrote:

    Bonjour Biffy the Best band of the decade huh!!no less. Bet we'll see portraits of the lads in galleries soon.Maybe you should check in Guggenheim.A la Mona Lisa, that'd be fun. You guys enjoy Bilbao, great place! Well heres to you too Neil, probably the best manager of the decade! Great to hear the tour is going well and that you get some rest too. Haha funny that comment about the Skype girlfriend.I myself have a very close relationship with her to communicate with my long distance boyfriend down under..Not quite as sexy as rugby, or maybe yes, it is. Was at Murrayfield to see the game actually, chearing for both teams with my fake moustache and holding a very fresh baguette but also wearing my scottish flag as a tie.Hehe. Currently listening to the Duke duke duke, gotta take a break from the Biff....well not too much eh! Not sure when i get to see the band live now as Perth is sold oot.Poop.I am seriously crossing my fingers for a late announced gig in Bonnie Scotland sometime before you go to USA/Japan... All the best to you all have fun!xXX ps-as for Lost...never watched as nae Tv here.But I did discover the Office Usa as you mentioned it once, and am now a big big fan.Long life to Dunder Mifflin, so good. ps2-......sorry i don't knit.....damn.

  8. 08.Feb.2010 @ 17:10 - BiffyUSA wrote:

    Ah, Lost - so glad you are fans. It's the intelligent man's TV show for sure. If you don't get the David Lewis correlation or if you don't know who John Locke was - you just aren't going to get this show at all. I have no theories of where this will end - just enjoying the ride! Now, I've checked the MO dates for the US east coast. If those are the tour dates where Biffy will be joining them, why haven't those dates been announced here yet? I am disappointed that it appears Biffy won't be joining MO until after MO plays in Florida. We'd love an official update on this site though!! Did you guys ever get into Heroes?

  9. 08.Feb.2010 @ 16:57 - SykaBiff wrote:

    Lost Was Awesome! I Wonder Who Has Possessed John Locke! ??? .. Has To Be MIB! And This Backgammon Stuff Needs To Be Explained More! Anyway, Can't Wait To See You Guys At Sheffield, Blackpool And Leicester In April/May !!! .. Get Me Some Backstage Tickets Please!! haha Congrats On The Best Scottish Band On The Decade!! MON THE BIFF!

  10. 08.Feb.2010 @ 15:04 - JDaniel5 wrote:

    you'd be happy to know kilmarnock seem to be doing better. Beat celtic 1-0 second from last game and recently won 3 nil against some other team. oh and biffy got best scot band of the decade by quite a margin as u may know.

  11. 08.Feb.2010 @ 13:26 - Xim wrote:

    Just a question! Why have the band cut the setlist for this row of the tour? I noticed that they were playing 23 songs on the last december tour! Barcelona in the beggining was part of that tour, could we have 23 songs please!? Thanx a lot!

  12. 08.Feb.2010 @ 13:23 - Xim wrote:

    Why everybody loves Lost? Well, whatever, I'm a LOST hater, I can't stand it at all. In the other hand I'm a Grey's Anatomy lover.......very strage but that's the way things are. I wrote this before as a report, I'm really stupid!

  13. 07.Feb.2010 @ 21:01 - karpalo wrote:


  14. 07.Feb.2010 @ 20:19 - Liam B wrote:

    Hey Neil, Couldn't help but smile about the rugby via skype via a large tv situation so thought you might find this info helpful - 1. www.myp2p.eu 2. Live Sports 3. Choose your sport 4. Choose your game. 5. You can either watch the "mediaplayer" links or i recommend downloading "Sopcast" available through the software section of the site and watch streams through that. Most popular sport is the footy but you can usually get decent links for the Rugby games too. Also, Lost was interesting, if you're into that you should try another series called "Fringe" by the same guys who wrote Lost. Enjoy!

14 found
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