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Greetings from the NME Awards...

Thu 25 Feb 2010 | Views: 10139 | Comments: 10
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Hello friends.
We're back at our warm hotel, after the NME Awards...

A huge thank you to the incredibly kind readers who voted the band's video for The Captain, as Best Video 2010...

Earlier in the week, we noticed that Dustin Hoffman, presenting the BAFTA for Best Film, came onstage to The Captain...
In the cab back from the Awards, we spent a considerably amount of time laughing about how utterly bizarre it is, that previously, something like that would have been the talk of the team for months on end, but this week, is almost a secondary thought.

Anyway. Good times, and to further good times ahead...

T In The Park, Main Stage... NME Awards... Dustin Hoffman... The lovely Marina... And a golden bullet on a pendant.

Quite the time.

The band send their warm, gracious, and highly classy thanks.

tour manager neil..

Comments (10)

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  1. 04.Mar.2010 @ 17:35 - hely wrote:


  2. 26.Feb.2010 @ 15:52 - roids wrote:

    OMG. glad you won the best video for captain. it was amazing. you's really deserved that award after the work you have put in to that albumm. i saw you at HMV in newcastle :). you's should of won more that 1. xx

  3. 26.Feb.2010 @ 10:57 - triggg wrote:

    OOOOOEH Dustin Hoffman ! :D Well done guys !

  4. 26.Feb.2010 @ 10:25 - scott101 wrote:

    Nice one guys, looking forward to seeing you guys in sheffield in a couple of months! But i do agree, you should have got best british band beacuse you have had a great year. Anyway, all the best, Scott.

  5. 25.Feb.2010 @ 20:18 - benrgriffin wrote:

    Fantastic news. Get yr butts to Ireland All the best.

  6. 25.Feb.2010 @ 19:41 - amgbreen wrote:

    Congrats guys fair play, you deserve it and much more!!!! You were robbed for Best British Band. Well done.

  7. 25.Feb.2010 @ 18:36 - karaboo wrote:

    Well done guys, really chuffed you won.

  8. 25.Feb.2010 @ 18:10 - Rob Godley wrote:

    Aww man! It should have been best band as well but oh well! Any updates for Glasto 2010?

  9. 25.Feb.2010 @ 11:10 - Thomo69 wrote:

    u guys deserve much praise and adoration!!!!!! Legends heres to the good times ahead and Glastonbury 2010???????

  10. 25.Feb.2010 @ 09:22 - tombellman wrote:

    Get them to come to V festival again! I need them there V is rubbish without them.

10 found
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