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Good evening good evening,

Thu 10 Feb 2011 | Views: 11098 | Comments: 0
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You join us in DC, where we are approximately 1 mile from the US Capitol building, and a skip more than that from the White house. All in all, a great place to begin a North American tour.

We arrived a day or so ago, having all flown in from different nooks and corners of the globe. In the 36 hours since we arrived, we have destroyed a cheesecake factory (destroyed in the sense that we ordered and ate a terribly impressive amount of food) , and taken the tentative first steps down the dark, but familiar parallel paths of Starbucks and Subway.

I'm toying with keeping a running tab on cups of coffee, and total length of subway sandwiches. We also hear that your fair nation is bringing a new size of Starbucks cup, the trenta (or something along those lines?)... A cup so large you could fit a full bottle of wine inside apparently. Impressive.

Everyone is in good spirits, having enjoyed a few weeks at home, maxing out relaxing. At the tail end of last year, it's probably fair to say everyone was rather exhausted. After our US tour, we went back to mainland Europe, where we visited lots of lovely, beautiful places, and met lots of lovely, beautiful people. Following that, we spent a couple of weeks enjoying the facilities of some of the UK's arenas, culminating at London's Wembley arena. Literally the following afternoon, we flew to Australia, where we spent a couple of fun weeks, playing both Biffy headline shows, and some support slots with the wonderful Muse. We made it home a day prior to Christmas, at which point everyone went into hibernation, surfacing only to bring in the New Year in Edinburgh (which was lovely, since you ask)

And so, here we are. Back in the USA. And we're thoroughly excited to be here. The band are looking forward to blowing the doors off the venues we'll be visiting.

So, day one, and no significant dramas to report. After the show tonight, we travel to Philadelphia tomorrow, and then on to New York on Saturday. In tow, we have Moving Mountains, who we met earlier today, and seem like stand up young gentlemen, possessed of some great songs, and killer stage manoeuvres.

So, we will hopefully see you over the next few weeks. And if we don't, I'll attempt to keep things up to date in diary-land, without offending anyone, or at the very least, without giving the band's management any reason to, as you say here, lose their shit.

So more soon, and stay warm, since it's fucking freezing here.

Tour manager Neil.

Ps. We are so far, on three feet, and 15 cups. Just so you know.


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