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Glasgow, its been a while...

Mon 02 Nov 2009 | Views: 9258 | Comments: 12
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Good evening glasgow...

we arrived back in Glasgow today, for the first time in a month or so. As usual, not much has changed.

The band are currently doing some interviews prior to soundcheck. I'm going to attempt to pop out shortly, and hide a pair of tickets somewhere nearby... Possibly... At this point, we're actually struggling to locate either physical tickets, or space on the guestlist. Glasgow being Glasgow, everyone is coming out of the woodwork, and requesting/begging/demanding entry to the show... oh dear.

So far we've had a few belters...

"plus 13 will be fine yeah...?" "what do you MEAN I'm not getting passes...!?" "which hotel is that aftershow in? where's that? I can get my 5 friends in as well?"

I'm anticipating even more...

anyone at Dundee last night...? How shit was the weather..? Welcome back to Scotland indeed...

tour manager neil.

Comments (12)

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  1. 02.Dec.2009 @ 19:38 - lalala wrote:

    dundee was amazin 9th time seein bfffy and its always somethin new at every gig i go to! dundee was extra amazing as i won the signed poster in the invisable child raffle i screamed... alot!! it is now proud of place framed amazin these guys keep gettin better and people who say their new stuff is not as good as their old stuff is wrong its just different people would complain if it was the same! so they cant have it both ways! tour again soon!!!!!

  2. 13.Nov.2009 @ 23:10 - Cake or Death? wrote:

    Hello there You will have to excuse me as this is my first time here :) I know I may be a bit late by now, but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Dundee and Glasgow gigs. We went to all 3 and got something different out of each night (Monday - There's No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake - Excellent choice!) Unfortunately we got stinking colds from wandering about in the rain for 3 days...but it didnt kick in properly until we got home from staying in Glasgow so its all good :) I hope eveyone had as good a time as we did, it was great to hear some of the new stuff - Loving the new tunes :) We got the fancy box set thingy m' jig...did you all really sit and cut up that flag? thats some good going! but it was worth the effort, it is brilliant....although I would quite like my fiance back sometime soon, I cant seem to tear him away from the score book! I dont know how much you are supposed to say on here, and I have probably blethered enough... oh apart from thank you so much for all the good times. Enjoy the rest of the tour :)

  3. 04.Nov.2009 @ 15:53 - shannon712 wrote:

    Neil, hope newcastles treating you well. try not to get confused between jonté and simon. kidding, kind've :) enjoy that day off. x

  4. 04.Nov.2009 @ 08:51 - georgie@opimo.co.uk wrote:

    Last nights show was amazing (3rd). Incredible atmosphere, sound and presence - the best gig I have ever been to. The show was simple and as such no distraction from the quite brilliant music Biff perform and produce. Simply a stunning night.

  5. 03.Nov.2009 @ 21:59 - shazza wrote:

    we made it down from buckie, 65 miles north of the deen

  6. 03.Nov.2009 @ 11:39 - donsbiffy wrote:

    If only i could have got to Dundee Neil! Weather was so bad that there was noway down from Aberdeen.....roads and rail closed off. 6 fans with tickets in hand stuck at home :( There's many others i'm sure from up this way. Gutted.

  7. 03.Nov.2009 @ 11:02 - salalex wrote:

    Dundee was fantastic, wish I was going to Glasgow this week too. Come to perth next time!! Can't wait for the new album, love you Biff! Sxx

  8. 02.Nov.2009 @ 21:51 - louiseeyx wrote:

    Dundee was sweet last night :) standing in the rain was worth the wait haha Is there anyway I can email you, theres a problem with our tickets for tomorrow night at Barrowlands :S

  9. 02.Nov.2009 @ 19:08 - sonjaaaa wrote:

    the show was so amazing, me and my friend had a brilliant time. got pictures with the band at the end :D so worth the wait. yes the weather was awful... our train was cancelled so we were stranded in dundee overnight! can't wait til the album comes out and the next tour :)

  10. 02.Nov.2009 @ 17:45 - shazza wrote:

    weather was crap, as usual biffy were ace, hope everyone enjoys as much as i did last night, cant wait till the next time, thanks again for such a brilliant, night good luck with the album & tour, you all deserve it

  11. 02.Nov.2009 @ 17:45 - SimonSays wrote:

    i wish i was there, it's only a 50 min drive away, but i probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as i would, when i don't have a thumping headache.. arg

  12. 02.Nov.2009 @ 16:38 - drublic wrote:

    hide the tickets in bairds. set the men apart from the boys.

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