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Doubling In Dublin Tonight...

Thu 29 Oct 2009 | Views: 8290 | Comments: 5
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Hello folks.

We are in Dublin tonight, and have not one, but two opportunities for some of the ticketless fans to get into tonight's show...

Opposite the venue front doors, is a large gateway, marked Dublin Castle.

To the left of this archway, is a weird Iron turnstile. If you look very closely around this little turnstile gate, you might find a little white envelope rolled up, and poking out...

Inside this envelope, are two things that might be of interest to a couple of you without tickets...

Alternatively, if you happen to follow the adventures of a mr Kenny Powers, and are familiar with Mr Powers' loyal; assistant, you might be excited to know that said loyal assistant, is coming to the show tonight! Well... He's on the guestlist at least... Unless someone (with a friend) shows up and uses his name first...

Good luck dublin... enjoy the show.


Comments (5)

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  1. 02.Nov.2009 @ 11:36 - Robot wrote:

    Had such a great time at the gig, it was amazing.

  2. 31.Oct.2009 @ 00:29 - DiamondsGlitterAndTrauma wrote:

    Met the guys lastnight after the gig What a fantastic gig may i add And lets just say it was most definetly the best gig of my life..!!!! Thanks...!:)

  3. 30.Oct.2009 @ 22:27 - clyro2 wrote:

    met the lads last night after the dublin gig.fair sound

  4. 30.Oct.2009 @ 21:00 - carlallen7 wrote:

    Hey Lads - we were at the show last night and have been to quite a few of your shows at this stage but last nights performance was outstanding - the setlist was brilliant and we were absolutely blown away. Come back soon.....Carl & Aedamar

  5. 30.Oct.2009 @ 00:09 - marcusss wrote:

    Thanks for the guestlist spot Neil. Got me and a friend in. :)

5 found
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