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"details of my broken leg have been greatly exaggerated..."

Sun 27 Jun 2010 | Views: 17265 | Comments: 16
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... Is what Mark Twain might have said, had he read the various newspaper and online reports this morning, of the band's secret show at Glastonbury yesterday.

Simon, during the last song, climbed on top of his amplifiers, and jumped off, landing quite awkwardly on his leg, and twisting his knee in what turned out to be very much the wrong direction.

Immediately after the show, he was examined by a series of doctors, paramedics, and informed third parties, and Si then spent most of the rest of his evening with his knee wrapped up, initially by the old-school method, a bag of frozen peas, and then moving on to a more sophisticated ice-pack.

He was in much better shape this morning, and has been up and about for a while now without the crutches, that were kindly donated last night. The band have just come offstage in Luxembourg, and he, if you excuse the in-joke/pun, made it through with aplomb.

We're off to watch the football now. We think it'll be 3-1. Though i won't say to which team.

very best from the sunniest field in Luxembourg...

tour manager Neil.

Comments (16)

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  1. 16.Oct.2010 @ 22:58 - justgirlagain wrote:

    Jonah Matranga (Of FAR) is seeking help for UK/Euro tour (He's in UK 10th - 12th Nov). He has a mangled foot & will be needing transport & a guitar. I only know about Far and Jonah through the Biffy and would *LOVE* to see any form of collaboration - You can contact Jonah here> http://jonahmatranga.com/mailbox

  2. 09.Aug.2010 @ 20:45 - AllanG wrote:

    Got to admit was my son that got me listening to you, his band play a good cover of The Captain. There from Scotland with an average age of 16, don't know if your allowed links but here goes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuZs5HsPL5E&feature=related check them out guys and some words of encouragement would be much appreciated

  3. 01.Jul.2010 @ 14:38 - NickE wrote:

    Great Show at The Park - by the way I found Your Plectrum backstage after the gig - I shall try and put it to as good use !

  4. 30.Jun.2010 @ 20:46 - shutsythekook wrote:

    You'd think Si would learn after the Q&A video being the consequence of an amplifier-jumping fiasco.......hahaha.

  5. 29.Jun.2010 @ 17:24 - Ruthy607 wrote:

    Hope ypur leg gets better soon! If it makes you feel any better i was there right down the front on the barrier and thought it was AMAZING!!! As always :P can't wait for T now bring it on!!!

  6. 29.Jun.2010 @ 01:59 - semi__mental wrote:

    simon should probably stop jumping off amps few injuries now hey! not least when he broke his leg before the questions and answers video was shot. plus just recently he looked like he landed awkwardly during isle of wight,. and now this, i do hope he turns up at leeds fest or manchester in december in one piece!

  7. 28.Jun.2010 @ 16:57 - Scarymissmary wrote:

    Poor Simon!!! Get well soon ;) You sing like a bird but you can't fly!!!! Please come back to Paris for an awesome gig, please, please, please.... Wish you all the best ;) Mon the Biffy!!! Love & Rock

  8. 28.Jun.2010 @ 13:18 - Blinx wrote:

    hope Si's ok. See yous in December. Much love from Manchester :D xxx

  9. 28.Jun.2010 @ 07:34 - victor wrote:

    Get well soon Si. Just to let you know that me & my friends are coming from Shiny Malta to see you In Manchester next December. Keep rocking guys

  10. 27.Jun.2010 @ 23:15 - cherry8omb wrote:

    Get well soon Simon! Can't wait to see you all in Manchester, am soooo excited! Take it easy x

  11. 27.Jun.2010 @ 21:58 - Kriss--x wrote:

    How very rock and roll Simon. Get well soon x

  12. 27.Jun.2010 @ 20:17 - Jossy99 wrote:

    Get well soon SI

  13. 27.Jun.2010 @ 20:05 - bodiesinflight57 wrote:

    Neil, lovely to hear your voice (or rather see your words...or something) again. I was beginning to think the blog days were coming to a close. Hopefully cya at the Roundhouse next month, if not I'll have to wait till Nottingham and Wembley.

  14. 27.Jun.2010 @ 18:32 - TANIA33 wrote:

    get better soon simon,cant wait to see you and the guys with muse and then again at wembley in dec,love you guys soooooooooooooo much,best band around xxxxx

  15. 27.Jun.2010 @ 17:54 - smlc37 wrote:

    hope simon's leg gets well soon. rocking out a gig in a cast or crutches will probably a sight to see, but wish you all well. and your prediction was pretty close! 4-1! :S

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