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Wed 28 Oct 2009 | Views: 10064 | Comments: 7
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Greetings from Belfast.

the wheels are starting to roll on our UK tour... with the addition of the fearless Manchester Orchestra, we are now systems-checked and ready to go.

Manchester Orch, who are onstage as I type this, are worth not only getting down early to watch, but hitting iTunes or HMV before you even leave the house, so you're familiar with their incredible new record. Their first record is also incredible, but they're playing more from the new one, so best to start there.

Pulled Apart By Horses are pulling apart venues every night. So much vibe with that band, great guys, and a thrill to watch every night. The maniacs are playing two shows tonight. No idea how the fuck they can muster that sort of energy once, far less twice.

Our production crew are doing 8am - 2am shifts on this tour... Its a fairly mammoth undertaking, as well as the band's equipment, we are carrying the full PA system, monitors, and a massive lighting system. Plus catering, and a few office cases. It takes two very large trucks to cart it about, and about 20 people to unload and set it up every day. Today in Belfast, we even had to bring the stage in. Although thankfully we don't need to do that every day.

Unfortunately, there is very little gossip to report this early on. We had a day off last night, but instead of strip clubs, cocktails and class A drugs, we took in the closest restaurant we could find to the hotel (a TGI Fridays if you were interested) and frustrated at lack of draught beers and strawberry daiquiris. The latter, is a frozen delight, that i near-perfected during the time in Los Angeles, when the band were recording Only Revolutions. If you ever bump into me, and i've got ice, strawberries, schnapps, rum and lime, as well as a blender, hold me to a wall until I make you one.

Tomorrow, we go to Dublin. Always a laugh. Slightly soured by the fact that the morning afterwards, we've got a 6.45am flight to Dusseldorf, but we're almost used to that kind of shit by now. I say almost. We'll never get used to it properly. It is worth it in this instance, to see our friends, old and new, in Germany.

I'm going to start giving away some tickets for the shows again, on the afternoon of each show...

Stay tuned to this blog, for all the pertinent details... Dublin tomorrow is in luck..

big love from all the band...

neil the tour manager.

Comments (7)

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  1. 11.Nov.2009 @ 16:33 - MonTheBiff... wrote:

    The Belfast Gig was Amazing, was up in front of the stage for the whole gig..... Which was painful but worth it :D Biffy have been my favourite band for many years and i will be at the front of that stage every time i see them..... And i hope to meet the band again for a chat...... It was great when they were locked out of the Nerve Centre in Derry a few years ago, we had a great wee chat and got photos... I was speechless... The band and not only Great guys but the know how to do a damn good Gig....... Mon The Biffy......... :D

  2. 30.Oct.2009 @ 13:38 - aaronlav wrote:

    I think you can see from the comments on the facebook page that everyone there had the times of their lives. Myself included. Thanks for playing the old stuff and for the number of songs you played that night. I think you played half of my requests so It really topped anything I've ever been to before and I'm a fully grown man! There are currently about 32 comments on: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/biffyclyro1?v=feed&story_fbid=169396845657&ref=mf The choice of venue was the only piece of constructive criticism because the ventilation is crap in St Georges Market. I think I speak for everyone when I say that. Most people say Mandella hall is better. Regarding Daiquiris, next time your in Belfast go to the 'appartment', 'Northern Wigg' or the 'house' you will get a great one in there. Please come back to Belfast we love Biffy Clyro... MTB! Lavo

  3. 29.Oct.2009 @ 12:56 - binncheol wrote:

    I just wanted to say that Strawberry Daiquiris are amazing - was addicted to them all Summer. Looking forward to the Dublin show tonight though

  4. 29.Oct.2009 @ 12:26 - Tomamo5 wrote:

    i would like very much the access all areas pass for manchester :']

  5. 29.Oct.2009 @ 12:13 - I'm-Behind-You wrote:

    The Belfast concert was the best concert ever! My dad drove me all the way up from Roscommon to see them. 4 hours there and 4 hours back. Well worth it though. The best concert ever. The atmosphere was amazing and when they opened with That Golden Rule, everyone went fucking nuts! Jumping and pushing in all directions! By far the most fun I've ever had! Mon the Biffy! Come closer to the West of Ireland next time though! :)

  6. 28.Oct.2009 @ 23:44 - drublic wrote:

    fucking love strawberry daiquiris. and tgi buffalo wings of fire. and class As.

  7. 28.Oct.2009 @ 22:10 - raiden wrote:

    hey neil,im so excited 2 c ye 2mor nite.im a massive fan from limerick.we blocked yer way 2 the stage the last time ye played here (Dolans Warehouse) sorry about dat.ive seen ye 10 times and 2mor its 11.hope everyones having a great tour and the band are having a ball each show.the new record is super and i cant wait 2 get my hands on the whole product itself.anyhoo,ill catch ye 2mor nite with bells on :) ps,im looooooving manchester orchestra for quite sometime now.its awesome dat ye got them 2 play with ye 2.super record! all the best neil, Alan O K.

7 found
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