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Bienvenue a' Belfort

Fri 08 Oct 2010 | Views: 11072 | Comments: 6
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Hello. Welcome to historic Belfort, where you join a jetlagged and tired touring party, prior to the first show of our European Tour. This tour has come so closely on the heels of the US Tour, that we might as well still be eating pulled pork and ribs. Instead, we are in France, where the band and crew are delighting in the in-house lasagne, whilst the non-dairy eating tour manager, and vegan monitor engineer languish in a pasteurised hell.

We are excited to be back in Europe. Our body clocks aren't quite so excited to be waking up at what feels like 3am, but I'm sure we'll get used to it. We've got a day off in a few days. Oh, no wait, we don't. We're doing a Dutch TV Show instead. Marvellous.

Tomorrow, the fantastic AIRSHIP join the tour, and will be with us for the majority of these European dates. Everyone is looking forward to seeing them.

that's all to report so far... it's only been an hour or so after all... Oh, special mention to guitar tech richard, who has spent all of his time between the USA and Europe setting up and making sense of Simon's massive (behemoth-massive) new guitar system, all of which looks and sounds very exciting. And incredibly complicated. Nice one.

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  1. 23.Nov.2010 @ 00:50 - clarabelle215 wrote:

    hey ! i know im chasing my arm asking, but dont know if its possible for two backstage passes for your show on friday in glasgow? would be over the moon if you could make this possible!

  2. 11.Oct.2010 @ 12:05 - Femmz wrote:

    Dutch TV SHOW?? :D Which one??

  3. 10.Oct.2010 @ 18:53 - WeeTammy wrote:

    Thanks again guys! Take care x

  4. 09.Oct.2010 @ 22:22 - Mathilde wrote:

    Je me disais aussi, j'avais bien remarqué ce nouveau son :) Bravo pour tout ce travail et merci à tous pour ce superbe concert d'hier soir !

  5. 09.Oct.2010 @ 00:24 - Slammy wrote:

    Guys, even JetLagged, you were awesome. Too bad for the slight sound/guitar mess just before the encore :/ Machines was MASSIVE, so was Mountains. I'm not yet completely familiar with the while Only Revolutions ones but Bubbles and God & Satan were good enough crowd pleasers :D Now I gotta convince the wife that I gotta go to Paris :p Mon the Biff !

  6. 08.Oct.2010 @ 19:36 - jezkemp wrote:

    Welcome back to Europe! An explanation of Simon's new guitar system would be great for us geeks out here :) Is there rack gear? Or just 3 stacks of 3 4x12s, Nickelback-style?

6 found
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