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A week in London...

Sun 18 Oct 2009 | Views: 11417 | Comments: 18
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Hello folks.

We have returned to London, after a little two day trip to Berlin, to continue wooing the German press.
It is a busy week in London... This afternoon, we have the utmost pleasure to meet two new friends, George and Ivor. Later on, we go to BBC Radio 1, where the band are appearing on Annie Mac's Switch show between 7 and 8. Tomorow, we go to MTV to record a live session, and visit Zane on the Gonzo couch, and on Tuesday, its the show for Q Magazine at the Forum in north London. On Wednesday, its the Apple Store, and on Thursday, its *whisper* another video shoot...

And then on Friday we decamp to Southampton, to rehearse for the beginning of the UK Tour on Saturday...

Exciting times.

Will we see any of you blog-readers at these shows?
hope so.

Comments (18)

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  1. 25.Oct.2009 @ 12:52 - Joe Dennis wrote:

    What song was the video shoot for!?!?!?! PLEASE!... bubbles??

  2. 23.Oct.2009 @ 21:51 - Siani wrote:

    Coming to see you in Glasgow :) gutted you arent coming to Aberdeen though!! so keen, caaaannot wait, you guys are the best XX

  3. 21.Oct.2009 @ 15:18 - GemmaPurdie wrote:

    The show on tuesday night was amazing!!!!!!! Am so sore this morning as a result XD Can't wait for Brixton :D Love you guys :) xxx

  4. 21.Oct.2009 @ 00:01 - alexnicholson wrote:

    so excited i won tickets for tomorrow night! wooooohooooooooo! can't wait to see you at brixton too! mon the biffy!

  5. 20.Oct.2009 @ 12:56 - HelenLee wrote:

    Can't believe I've just won tickets for tomorrow night! I never win anything! Awesome - cannot wait!! xx :o)

  6. 19.Oct.2009 @ 15:06 - kryspyg wrote:

    Just won Itunes store tickets - stoked doesn't even come close!!! :) xx

  7. 19.Oct.2009 @ 12:00 - dauteuilb wrote:

    Can't wait to see you in Paris!!!

  8. 19.Oct.2009 @ 11:31 - HelenLee wrote:

    I'm going to Southampton - absolutely cannot wait!! xx

  9. 18.Oct.2009 @ 22:15 - xlesterx wrote:

    Why does everything have to be in London now? Come back home!!!

  10. 18.Oct.2009 @ 22:15 - CharliCookie wrote:

    or you could leave a message of support at the WWf website :D

  11. 18.Oct.2009 @ 22:13 - CharliCookie wrote:

    dunno how to get in touch other than this, dunno if you'll even read it but it's worth a shot i'm in a musical called One Sun One World at the Royal Albert Hall on Thursday and it's to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the WWF and it's going to be quite a major event. I know you have a very hectic schedule but I thought I'd let you know this was happening, dunno if you're environmental people or not but it's a worthwhile thing to go to (:

  12. 18.Oct.2009 @ 19:39 - M3RL1N wrote:

    absolutley beside myself with excitment-seing you guys for the first time in southampton this weekend!its going to be something else-all my birthays and christmases at once!!!!! to anyone else whos going,see you there-i'll be the one smiling like a crazy person!!!!;-) happy times!!!!!!!

  13. 18.Oct.2009 @ 19:13 - donnaek wrote:

    I was at maida vale, it was amazing. Gonna be at the Q show on my lonesome, then Southampton and Brixton. Can't wait- I keep praying that I'll win tickets to the Apple store show :-)

  14. 18.Oct.2009 @ 16:25 - Philippa wrote:

    you'll be seeing me at the Q show :) Can't wait !

  15. 18.Oct.2009 @ 15:42 - bodiesinflight57 wrote:

    Cu at Soton + Brighton guys, I get tired of saying this but: PLEASE PLAY BODIES IN FLIGHT!!!!

18 found
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